Risk & Reason: trade ideas elucidating an idea’s arguments for action, as well as its best expression, expected value, probabilities and optimal position sizing.

Reflexivity & Biases: reducing fundamental and behavioural thematic arguments into a tractable process.

Contingencies: covering volatility and derivatives trades across the whole probability spectrum.

Depending on the criticisms and feedback, we may include follow-ups with comments from subscribers & members, we’re sure this will prove fruitful as there are a number of sharp thinkers amongst the network.

Monthly Discussion Summary: a summary of the ideas and debates within the Prometheus Members Macro forum.

Essays: An occasional series dealing with decision theory, evolutionary psychology, human behaviour and their implications in macro trading.



The Squeeze | A Gold Vol Trade Idea

Straddle or Strangle | An FMG AU Vol Trade Idea

Reason & Biases:

The Common Law Premium | Buying the Pound Sterling


Biases in Trading | The Neuropsychological Contest of Emotion and Logic